"The job was to perfection, colors were beautiful and spotless, they had cleaned up so well."

Most would probably agree when I say, painting is not easy. My fiancé and I painted our living room on our own, and we had to give up before starting the other rooms..! Lubinski Remodeling was recommended to us. I have to say this, Christian and his team were incredible. Christian gave us a 3 day time frame for the completion. The time given seemed a little impossible for me given that, it took us a week to do only the living room, where as, they were going to paint the whole house. They started Thursday, and completed on Saturday. I walked into the house around 6:30 pm Saturday. The job was to perfection, colors were beautiful and spotless, they had cleaned up so well. I was amazed! Not only was the job outstanding, but Christian went above and beyond with fixing, patching cracks, adding some trim work to the kitchen and replacing our wall paper. The service was exceptional, beyond what we expected. We highly recommend this team. I am certain that I I'll choose Lubinski Remodeling for all my future home renovations.

Loma K.

“They got the job done on time with impeccable quality.”

It has been our privilege to work with Lubinski Remodeling and Painting on several projects over the past decade. Whether it was remodeling the bathroom in our downtown condo or renovating our suburban home; the Lubinski team never ceases to follow through and exceed expectations. Our biggest project with them was remodeling our north shore home (built in 1911) just in time for the arrival of our first child. They got the job done on time with impeccable quality. Moreover, they showed the poise and experience in problem solving as we addressed centuries-old construction issues. As a leader, Christian’s listening ear and “true north” ethics stand out amongst the competition. He translated our vision into reality efficiently; otherwise we would have been out in the cold. We trusted the Lubinski team with our biggest investment, our family’s home. And we’d gladly do it again.

Matt E.

"The work was timely as well as detailed"

Dear Lubinski Remodeling,

We are very happy with the services we received. The work was timely as well as detailed. We would gladly use the services of Lubinski Remodeling in the future.

Christopher S.

"I am full of nothing but compliments for the work you’ve done"

Dear Lubinski Painting and Remodeling,

Enclosed please find 3 copies of a well-deserved recommendation letter for you and your crew. Please let me know if I can do anything to make it more useful to you…and please know you may always use me as a reference. I am full of nothing but compliments for the work you’ve done. And on a more personal note I’d like to thank you and your crew for being so graciously forgiving of all the complications that came along with this project… thank you! Thank you for your beautiful, skillfulwork.

Kirsten S.

"50 Extremely Satisfied Customers"

A Letter of Recommendation and Appreciation For Lubinski Painting and Remodeling Co.

After receiving estimates from several different painting and contracting services, I, with the unanimous support of fellow residents, chose Lubinski Painting and Remodeling Company to complete the job of remodeling the stairwells and foyers of our 1925 vintage courtyard building. The task would entail significant wall and plaster repair, painting, the delicate treatment of woodwork, detail work which included painting small trim areas with a metallic paint that required precise application, the hanging of wallpaper, and the cleaning and sealing of the much neglected original tile floor. Lubinski was chosen to complete the project because of their experience, the strength of their portfolio, their ability to complete all aspects of the project, and their estimate for the pricing, which came in well below their competitors.

Manchester Commons Condo Association

"Professionalism, and experience shine through"

The work has recently been completed, and I cannot be happier with the decision to go with Lubinski. Their meticulousness, professionalism, and experience shine through in the final product. In each aspect of the project, the Lubinski crew exhibited a level of care and attention to detail that deserves absolute compliment. With their preparation of the walls they impressively repaired years of significant plaster damage. The painting is flawless. Every edge is perfectly straight. The color is smooth and even. The intricate details of the trim work and the spindles of the banisters were painted with unfaltering precision, despite the added challenge of using metallic paint. Drop cloths were carefully arranged every day to protect the carpeting and the woodwork. Our hallway is wonderfully revived. The space looks fresh and clean.

Manchester Commons Condo Association

"They hung wallpaper beautifully"

Lubinski demonstrated their expertise not only in the painting aspect of the project, but in the other project areas as well. They hung wallpaper beautifully. Not only is it perfectly adhered, but also they gave special notice to the intricacies of the paper pattern and were careful in the placement. The job required hanging wallpaper in small oddly shaped panels of wainscoting. Lubinski made sure that appropriate details of the pattern were framed in these smaller spaces, instead of just applying any remnant. Their work with the tile floors was also impressive. They were able to buff out years of grime without damaging the delicate surface of the tile and generously gave instructions as to how the tile should be treated in the future to protect it from further wear.

Manchester Commons Condo Association

"Incredibly accommodating in their scheduling"

Not only do I have appreciation for the skillfulness of the Lubinski crew, but I also appreciate their very personable demeanor. Lubinski was incredibly accommodating in their scheduling, and despite unexpected demands of their time they still completed the project in a timely manner. They were very considerate of the fact that residents were living in the buildings and using the hallways during the course of the project and cleaned up all of their materials and protected their work areas at the end of each day. And without exception, every morning I came through the stairwell I was cheerfully greeted by each member of the crew. Our hallways look absolutely beautiful, and we know Lubinski is to thank for this. Thank you Christian, Glen, and all of the rest of the crew. You can expect each and every resident to call on you for future painting and remodeling needs. You have 50 extremely satisfied customers. Thank you for your time, dedication, and you beautiful work.

Manchester Commons Condo Association