Retail Remodeling

Retail improvements are a unique form of commercial remodeling. Usually these projects are done at a faster rate since retail stores often face opening dates and competition. If you need a project done fast, Lubinski Remodeling can deliver the results you need. We have helped many clients on a short notice gaining a reputation of being there when other big commercial remodeling contractors have been unavailable.

One of the largest retail stores “Gap” on Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago trusted Lubinski Remodeling with painting of its interior. The store had to remain open during construction; therefore the whole project was completed during nights within record time: 4 nights only! We have been able to successfully complete a number of similar projects due to our expertise, experience, and excellent communication with the client.

Strip Mall Exterior

What are your goals? Do you need higher returns on your investment through higher rents or lease retention? Do you need to attract new clients or draw more customers to your location? Every successful retail space should visibly appeal and welcome customers. A smart transformation to the exterior of your building will provide years of higher returns on your investment. Lubinski Remodeling will transform the exterior of any strip mall or shopping plaza with extreme value, from unappealing and drab to new and attractive.

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Here are some before, in progress and after pictures of past retail remodeling projects:

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